Friend, if you only knew how much
influence, impact and power you have at
your fingertips… you’d pass out – stunned.


We’ll mastermind about that on tonight’s
Simple Freedom Open Training Call:


40 Minute Call of THUNDER
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I hear and see so many people running
around like little mice looking for their
Pied Piper on the internet and they are
KILLING their businesses…

The attitude they project sounds like this:

“Oh, if I only had a SYSTEM”

“I’m a newbie and don’t know what I’m doing,
someone PLEASE HELP ME!!!”

“Oh whoa is me… snivel, snivel… nobody loves me.”

“All I need is “the deal” that finally works…”

“If my sponsor would return my calls, I’d be rich…”

“Oh poor me… so battered and bruised…”

Here’s why Nature is laughing and shaking her
head at people that walk around in that “program”

Those people are EVERYWHERE that their
target prospects are at!

The Post Office…
The Next Cubicle…
Your relative’s homes…

How easy is it for STRONG PEOPLE that
KNOW where they are going and WHAT THEY HAVE
to offer… how easy is it for them to “find people”???

Hilarious isn’t it?

The people are EVERYWHERE!

To the person that knows this “code”


They already KNOW where the PEOPLE are at.


That means…

Other people SEE YOU TOO.


(hey Franco, you heathen, that sounds “new age”
and you’ll go to hell talking like that…)



Then call it…


As a Man Thinketh In His Heart, So Is He…

(is that better?)

How about…

“They will be known by their WORDS and FRUITS…”

Call it new age
Call it The Book of Proverbs
Call it OPRAH
Call it Tony Robbins

Call it something… whatever feels good to you.

I call it WISDOM
I call it adding INCREASE INTO People…

My teacher calls it… the ALPHA CODE


So the point then is this…

stage of life EACH and EVERY DAY in your
own way…

Just know this…

People – the ones with your DREAMS in their pockets…
The ones that are looking for the solutions and LEADERSHIP that is oozing out of your mind and heart…

Those people…

Every day

to YOU.

Specifically to what radiates out of HOW YOU LIVE
and to what you SAY and DO. Your “vibe” and your
ATTITUDE… YES, they are.

So, let me ask you a question…

What are you showing them?

Are you showing them someone worthy of following?

Are you showing them someone that knows where
they are marching too?

When they leave your presence (even 30 seconds)
do they feel better about WHO THEY ARE????


Do you sound weak?
Do you seem scared?
Do you “oh whoa is me” all over them?
Do you spill your sad victim story all over them?
Do you seem lost, confused and scared to them?

There is a human condition

There is DNA

There is EONS of history

That are inside every human

That allows them to be ATTRACTED
to STRONG people who they PERCEIVE
can help them survive this ride through life better…

That same “code” in our genetic make up
also creates the POWERFUL urge to


Anyone that seems like they are hurt, injured
and a dying animal out on the jungle floor…


Which are you showing them that YOU are?

Because whether you think you are

or NOT…

Doesn’t matter…

Don’t “believe” this?

Fine… cool.

Believe what you want…

But… whatever you DO believe in?

How’s that working for you?

This is not about “belief”

It’s just the way it is.
It’s the way it’s always been.

You came here looking for solutions.

Why are some people successful in this arena?
Why do some people join ANYTHING and
they get great results, no matter what?

No system?

They don’t need one.

No automation?

Their mouth, MIND and keyboard
is all they seem to need…

You came here for solutions that
are deeper than a dumb web page
and webinar…

That is CHILDREN stuff…

Romper room… little toys and widgets…


We’ll be talking about the REAL
answers tonight.

What follows is a sample training that you get
as a paid member of the Simple Freedom Mastermind
and comes from the course: “Alpha Code” by Joe Schroeder.

Be Strong. Be Clear. Lead Others.


From: ALPHA CODE by Joe Schroeder

Page #31

SILENT POWER is about being able to control yourself
physically and psychologically. And once you start to
master this skill of not projecting your fears and anxieties
onto other people, which breaks your own communion with
SILENT POWER, you begin to notice just how weakened
most other people are. Think about it.

Lose The Appearance of Concern and Struggle

Remember the intangible characteristic of the Alpha Gene:

It is to thrive beyond survival.

It’s an aura of absolute dominion and if people can even
grab a HINT of your fears, worry or struggle— poof!

You have been exposed as just a commoner and someone
NOT worth to follow.

The Anatomy of a “Thumb Sucker”

When most people are not worrying about dropping dead,
they are usually thinking about themselves, telling you
about their woes, preening and admonishing their egos
in their own futures, trying to impress upon you just how
special they are, or even worse, they are giving you a verbal
laundry list of everyone who has disappointed them recently
and/or telling you about all of the things that have gone
wrong in their lives since you last saw them.

The Death Rattle of the Little Guy, “Oh Poor Me!”

So in the end, what most people do, is they ask you
to notice them.

They expect you to acknowledge and observe them and if
you can, as they are dying, wrap your emotional arms
around them and hug them because they are on the
mouse-wheel of life and scared to death like a little rat.

Admit it, not only are people like that exhausting to listen
to, but also admit that you bump into people like this
virtually every day of your life!

Here’s the lesson. Learn this at all costs:

Step 1: All around you is an electromagnetic energy field.

Step 2: It’s an invisible “field” that surrounds your body
which is attached to the infinite.

Step 3: The ANCIENT Greeks called this the “Etheric”
(see Webster’s)

Step 4: The ETHERIC body is where “the real you” resides.

Step 5: Your ETHERIC BODY is speaking to people even
when your mouth is shut.

The Genetic Code

The Genetic Code says this:

In the jungle, all animals have this message embedded
into their brains and it is this:

“If you see a hurt or dying animal, go EAT IT and wash
the jungle clean of other beasts who can no longer
duplicate, thrive and help keep the natural balance
of the forest.”

That’s what the jungle code is.

“If you are dying or hurt, we will help you out of
your misery and eat you.”

That’s why tigers eat and kill their own wounded cubs.

People Who Complain Are Considered People Dying

Tip: Losers talk about what happened TO them and also they
talk about what happened to them yesterday. Winners, on the
other hand, only talk about WHERE they are going and about
being excited about TOMORROW. Never forget that.

The Silent Code and Hidden Order Within The Village

Amongst humans, the Genetic Code says this:

“Only weak and dying people complain.”

Therefore, to amass INSTANT SILENT POWER, all
you have to do is…


Besides, if you think about it, most people complain
about things which they permit anyway.

The next time one of your buddies is complaining,
just yawn and say:

“You can’t complain about that which you permit.”

That’ll shut-em-up! (wink)

What gives you INSTANT power and a strength that is
instantly recognized by others, as true strength, is this:

( 1 ) Stop Complaining: If you do, it signals to others a
silent death wish and no one feels safe around the hurt
or dying.

( 2 ) Never Tell People About Your Future: Those who do
are looking for others to validate their dreams and wishes
and it’s an obvious tip off that you yourself aren’t about
your future yourself.

( 3 ) Stop Asking People For Anything: Leaders ask very
little from other people except of course within their
own businesses and their own brain trust group.

In the Genetic Code, a person is programmed to resist
other people who psychologically LEAN on them.


Because to LEAN on others means you are dying and/or
weak and as any tribe will agree, those who are dying
need to be taken out into the field to die alone.

LEANING on others is what makes you instantly UN-Attractive.
Asking for other people to validate you, expecting them to listen
to your “war stories” and to expect other people to support
your inner pain is instant social suicide.

Don’t do it because when you lack this self discipline,
it appears as your “true self” in your etheric FORCE of
energy that surrounds you and everyone can pick up
on it whether you say anything or not.


This is just a PIECE of the training you receive
as a paid member of the Simple Freedom Mastermind.

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