How weird are you?

Weird was the word in my youth,
I don’t know what the word is today.

Maybe it’s the same, they all get recycled.

(but we BabyBoomers are the original “cool!”)

I remember when my kids started using “cool” –
as if their generation invented it.

But seriously – if you can get serious about
weirdness –

just how WEIRD are you?

When you were a kid, did you find yourself
outside the cookie-cutter “in-crowd?”

As you got older, did you find your dreams
were so different than the accepted norm,

that what you thought and what you talked
just did not sound the same?

When you got in the “box,” got in line on the
freeway, parading to your dose of daily death
by boredom,

did you feel that you WOULD DIE if you
continued much longer?

Did the others tell you – you SHOULD be
grateful you had such a great job with
such great benefits,

yet you wanted to throw up every week,
usually starting around noon on Sunday
afternoon and feel like life was literally being sucked
out of you all day until you went to sleep
and sometimes cried, knowing what was
facing you eight hours later?

Did you like the people in the box with you,
love them as people, enjoy their company…..
but often stand with your jaw dropped as
you got to know them and realized they
really DID accept that path and that some
of them actually were really o.k. with it?

Have you always thought, I am NOT free –
even in the land of the free and the home of
the brave?

Did you read Henry David Thoreau
when you were young, and spend you life
remembering with a sink-hold in your gut
one of his most famous lines:

“Most men lead lives of quiet
desperation and go to the grave
with the song still in them?”

When (or if) you DARED to get your car out of
that daily line on the freeway, walk away,

RUN AWAY, running for your life because
you KNEW you were dying,
to follow a vision that just would
not leave you,
kept you awake at night,
followed you into you dreams,

and try something different………

by friends, family, co-workers,

and even complete strangers,


did you hear that? Were you shunned,
maybe even lose a few friends,

Yet, while you were
on that different path…..

Were you full of MORE JOY
than you had EVER experienced?

Did every human being seem
more lovely, like the beautiful
unique creation of God that
they are?

Did the sky seem bluer, did
the birds sing more beautifully,
was your heart beating more
quickly with an energy you
hadn’t felt since you were
five years old?

Did you feel sane, finally comfortable
in your own skin, authentic, at last BEING what
your Creator intended for you?

DID YOU??????????????????

Then you ARE weird enough,

You ARE really, really, weird…..

isn’t it absolutely wonderful???

Sing with JOY to your Creator,

because you are flat out, crazy


And do you know what that means?

You can and will be free,

You can and will create your own economy,

You’ve got the “right stuff” to do it………

and to top it all off,


We’ve banded together, joined forces,

forged friendships and have lifted our hearts

in JOY that we are free.

We are weird, but we are not crazy and together

we can reach the skies. We earn incomes on our

terms – with and for each other, we build each other

up and really care for each other.

We don’t tell each other “You Can’t Do That”

We cheer all the way, encourage, inspire, motivate

and just for laughs we earn money together…….

a lot of money or a little bit – whatever you want.

Cherish how WEIRD you are, because you

can be free, you can life a life of JOY,

not Thoreau’s life of quiet desperation.

You can put that book on the shelf.

We are a vision,

We are a voice,

A movement,

A revolution,

Want to quit that J O B and live again….join us.

You will be welcomed with open arms…no matter

what you are doing…..

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