Marketing Funnels. Fundamental and Simple stuff.
Where do you first send someone to learn more about
your offer, your business or the value of your service?

A Marketing Funnel Consists of:

1. Lead Capture Page.

A simple one page little site designed to repeat or
add depth to your original add and offer a compelling
reason for your prospect to “opt in” and this is how
a simple Lead Capture Page builds your list.

2. A Presentation or Sales Page.

A simple web page built to present the nuts
and bolts and details of your offer. Talks about
the product you’re selling, the service, the prices,
the compensation plan, the training, support and
marketing system used to promote it etc.

It’s your 24 hour sales machine and sales team.

It’s a how a team of new and experienced people
alike can be using and presenting a UNIFORM and
professional sales message 24/7 and 365 days of
the years without worrying that your new people
are not skilled at presenting.

It’s a powerful communication tool.

So in summary…

The basics to a good marketing funnel begin with
your dynamic duo “Sales Team” of:

1. Your Lead Capture Page which builds your list.

2. Your Sales page which presents the details of
your offer 24 hours every single day in the same way.

Next training vid will go a bit deeper now and
teach you what the good marketer FOCUSES on
now that you have a “Marketing Funnel” ready
to build your list and present your offer…

See you next time…

Simple Freedom Team.

We teach Marketing + Mindset.

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