WARNING: Reality Check Time about how you can truly make money online...

"I Make Money Online. What I do is 'unrealistic'
by most standards. It's very unrealistic to think
that an enterprise where you ask people to click
on a website and purchase a business from complete strangers would actually work to
produce $20K+ Months... or is it?"

Does a big fat picture of a BIG "MONEY" YACHT make you feel angry?
If it does, then this information may not be for you... Very simple.

If You're Still Not In A "Make Money Online" Program,
You're Really Missing The Boat - BIG TIME!



"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world.

The UNREASONABLE one relentlessly persists
in trying to adapt the world to himself.

And therefore all progress depends on those
unreasonable men who are never satisfied
with the status quo."


Wisdom needs no explanation. Good people
just feel it's truth...

True story...

When I set out to create the most simple, duplicable
and international 'Make Money Online' System that
anyone had ever seen, I got a lot of sideways looks.

People told me I was nuts

They said... "There's no way that's gonna work!"

"It's just too risky."

"You can't make money online like that!"

"It's strange."


And so forth and so on, but ...

That was 10 years ago and I'm still doing it successfully!

And this is what you're always gonna run up against when
you share your dreams and ambitions with people who
don't have any vision.

They don't have the ability to SEE future possibilities.

If it doesn't immediately paint a picture of being "SAFE,"
then it doesn't make sense to them, because that's all

(the insanity is that everyone knows what a bunch
of BS that is, but they just play the part. No vision.)

(And even if you've got "the mother of all" jobs and you
love your career, most times it doesn't respect you enough
to pay you what you need to have the time and money to
truly enjoy life... so you should still create a part time side
income stream that will deliver the money and time so you
can relax, not be stressed over money issues anymore and
do your job purely for the love of it... Wisdom. Word.)

That's where I started, and this is what I did...

So I set off on my own, like a maniac, to build this thing.

I stopped thinking "safe" and I got very unrealistic.

When I started, there were other people who had biz ops
(business opportunity programs) that had levels that started
at like $100 up to maybe $500 and that included MLM etc...

Then there were the "fly by night" money games where
you put in $10 or $25 and hoped to get back that and
more before the thing just disappeared.

There were also "big ticket" programs that sold for
$1500, $2000, $5,000 and even more than $12,000
but the people buying into "the dream" didn't know
anything about marketing and couldn't sell them
to save their life.

I wanted something for the masses.

Something where "Joe Lunch Box" can hop
in the truck in the morning and make his living
during the day and come home to work his part
time loving at night, keep it simple and make money...

The vision was to create a simple program where
"Part Time Sally" can take care of dance practice,
soccer games, a career and the meatloaf and still
use her laptop a few hours at night and create a nice
Christmas or vacation for the kids... on the side.

We had a vision to create a solution that would
lift people up and not overwhelm and tear them down...

So this is what we did...

I started with (3) levels right outta the gate:

* $25 monthly

* $100 monthly

* $500 one time

And then as you went up, the levels were combined
to create a powerful income stream of residual money.

(since being around with this system over 13 months
we've added a $1,000 and a $3,500 product offer too
that rakes in BIG JUICY 100% Commissions!)

Then the comp plan was 100% commissions
even on the monthly continuity products, so even
complete newbies could now make money online
the same way that the "goo-roos" do it
, and that
is with 100% commissions they parlay and scale up with.

And the big benefit was to allow them to make money
like the gurus, only without the goo-roo BS or complicated work.

Make money like a guru...
Without having to be a guru.



They had never seen that before in a home business program.

Then the next thing we did was create massive leverage
by creating a "pass up" system that turns this into the
most powerful way to generate passive and residual income:

You get 100% commissions on anything we sell.

$25 per member per month on our flagship
Viral Blogging System + Marketing Training.

Every single month you get 100% of it.

$100 per member per month on our Inner Circle
Training Membership Club. 100% and every month.

$500 per sale on every "Costa Rica Mastermind"
Video Training package. 100% direct to you.

One time purchase on this.

3 sales per month = $1,500!

Are you hearing this in your head now?

(Hey Boss... "F YOU!" YOU'RE FIRED!)

But that wasn't enough.

People need to make continuous money
again and again from the efforts of other
people on their team. Passive Income.

The "secret sauce" is LEVERAGE.
Here's how we created it:

Every person who buys from your ID Link
then owes you the following sales in pass up:

Sale #2
Sale #4
Sale #6

And then every 5th Sale ( 11, 16, 21, 26, 31 etc)

You are always working as a team
and you NEVER lose this leverage!

But I'm doing 99% of the heavy lifting to help
you and other newbies make money online
without the usual drama and hassles.

So when you use my system and we make
the sales for you and place people on your
front line team... every single one of them...

... owes you pass up sales as above.

And most of them are monthly RESIDUAL sales.

You get to earn again and again from the
efforts of other people on your team.

AND you earn on them on a monthly basis.

That's so powerful, most newbies can't fathom it.

But the experienced marketers out there can...
And that's why they are joining us in DROVES daily.

Unless you've been out there banging your head
against the "Affiliate Marketing" wall in other programs,
you likely can't fathom the power of this leveraged comp plan.

If you HAVE been tortured out there working your
ass off to try and build "Peanut $10 Commission"
Affiliate Programs or big ticket biz ops where nobody
else seems to know how to open their mouths and sell...
then you know how powerful this compensation can be.

But the way you can make money online with
me just gets better ...

The people who are passed up to you...

Well, they owe you their pass ups too...

And then those people that they pass up to you...

Well... THEY owe you their pass ups too.

And on and on.

Infinite levels deep.

Never been done before. 100% commissions.

...and the "little BIG mouth" goo-roos selling MLM "la-la-land" were
because our model promised to dig into their lame
model and attract all their leaders away to a model that actually
paid them what they were worth (faster, and with leverage) and
didn't just treat them like glorified "culture" sales reps...

They had never ever seen this in a "make money online"
business program. It made their model look like TORTURE.

(which it kinda is... I'm just sayin. How's your downline duplicating these days?)

Then people really called me crazy!

They said "Cmon man, you're nuts!"

They said ...

"Do you really think you're gonna pull this off?"

YES! <---- (emphatically, like that [lol])

They said ...

Do you really expect people to believe that this
system can present the concept, follow up with
audio recordings, videos, blog posts and emails
and that people will pay $625+ to get started and
then $125 or $25 monthly to join your club all from online
communications with strangers they'll never meet?  !!


They said ...

Do you mean to tell us that a total and complete
newbie to this industry can hop in at the $25 level
and instantly start blogging on an authority blog site
AND have all the marketing training in the world that
the "goo-roos" are out there selling for $997 coaching
programs or $497 per month or $100 per month "systems"
that pay peanuts??? And your newbies can get all that
here for only $25!! AND make 100% commissions monthly
on each member too?? Are you serious? Is that what this is?

I said... YES. That's EXACTLY what this is.

"Get this guy to the asylum. He's lost his marbles!"

So while everybody else was looking for ways it wouldn't work,

(put that nugget in your pocket... it's pure gold.)

And in 2011 ...

Within the first 2 months ...

We already had paid out to our members over
$2,000,000 ( 2 Million Dollars ) in 100% commissions!

... in only 56 days.

We had attracted over 15,000 paid members...

But that was just the start, watch this...

By month #3 ------> over $3,000,000 MILLION had been
paid to our members in 100% commissions...

...and over 17,000 paid members had climbed aboard.

Did it work?

Well, get a load of these apples...

By month 4 we had over 20,000 members and had
paid our members over $4.2 MILLION in commissions.

I think you'd call that a TREND my friend.

(December 2012 update)

As of this update, after only 13 months...

My system has attracted over 72,000 PAID customers...

...and we've paid out over $22 MILLION in 100% Commissions
to our member affiliates! In ONLY 13 months. We're JUST getting started!

This is not theory and it's not "history"... it's happening NOW.

Well, you simply can't ignore something so obvious, right?

This Simple, Viral Make Money Online System had total
strangers sending money all day and all night, every
single day and our members were getting 100% of it.




I'm not going to lie to you.

It takes guts to do what I do.

It's NOT for everybody.

Most people are not skilled enough or
confident enough in themselves and their
vision to pull this off like I do.

Even the "so-called" goo-roos and "industry leaders"
are pathetically stuck in their egos... just resisting
the obvious need for change.

They keep selling a stupid concept and model that
keeps all the new guys broke and only pays them.

It's a sick and sad revolving door where the goo-roo
hacks pat each other on the back as they screw and
churn more money out of new people like you...

Again and again...

And you show them something like this that makes them
HELPS MORE PEOPLE at the same time... and they say:

"Oh, it's not my cup of tea!"

Exactly. It's not. So get out of our way... we're taking over.

And their people are finding us on facebook
Their people are finding us on google.
Their people are finding us at home with our post cards.
Their people are getting our phone calls and loving them.
Their people are FLOCKING to our free training calls and webinars.

And the "goo-roos" are LIVID.

Hey I don't blame them.

I guess if I was acting like the "Wizard of OZ" and
"The People" outted me and pulled down the curtain
and created a viral grass roots movement that was eating
my "goo-roo" lunch... yeah, I'd be livid too.

Oh well, that's life.

It's called PROGRESS.
It's called EVOLUTION.

It's called KARMA.

It's called... don't F#*& with good people.
They eventually will turn around, find you out

Wow... that was a delicious rant.

But look, here's the deal...

what we do, but oh buddy, does it work and does it work BIG TIME!

Something that's even more unreasonable is that
since 1992 when I first started to dabble in the home
business arena, the attrition rates in most programs
have been getting worse - people quitting and hopping
all over the place within 60 - 90 days...

And the amount of people you have to keep recruiting
just to keep your head above water in those lame programs
has kept increasing because you have so many dropping
out like flies every single week...

The marketing and the skill sets and the personal selling
skills and communication skills needed to succeed in
the average "monthly bill" Peanut Paying Affiliate program
 and "get broke fast" big ticket biz ops - continues to increase.

Even with all the internet automation, it seems the more
and more programs that come out and the more people
flock to the Internet to "learn how to be attractive" -- the
less they succeed. And the more the few survivors have to
learn to do...

We call them GRINDERS...

... because that's exactly what they do.

To make any kind of consistent and significant money
in all the biz ops these days, you have to literally GRIND
online marketing, prospecting, following up, getting rejected,
pitching the deal and posting content, articles, blogs,
ads, videos...

... and tweeting, and facebooking, and stumbling
and "tribe-ing" and being that 26 hour per day GOO-ROO...

What a joke!

And they wonder why when they ask a common
every day Joe on the street if they want to learn
to do "what they do online"... they get laughed at.

Who wants to work 26 hours a day slobbering all
over their own ego and trampling over other people...
for less than what they pay Grandpa over at WalMart? !!

That's insane.

That's NOT "make money online" !!

That's "Go Broke Fast Online" by building
up a pile of internet marketing MONTHLY BILLS!

We got rid of all that ridiculous and redundant work
a long time ago and while everyone is trying to be
even more complicated and even more "goo-roo,"

Seriously, can you imagine Subway or McDonald's
letting their ego based franchise owners run amok
and running the joint "with their own brand" and
playing cheeseburger guru with the market place?

Can you imagine Verizon, Pizza Hut, Hardy's
or Starbucks just letting their managers and
franchise owners just "wing it" and play attraction
marketing and prance around the internet without
a clear system and a clear vision and an iron clad
marketing plan?

No, you can't.

Real systems that generate profits would never
allow that... they work within the Mechanics of Wealth...

So do we... and it works.

Our members receive an unrealistic amount of money
because we don't compromise and we don't play games

My Money Making System and Club is NOT for everybody
and if you're not willing to be unreasonable, then staying
at your 1st job, 2nd job and 3rd job and your 1st, 2nd and
3rd non paying slow growing, non duplicable "biz op"  is
where you should stay.

They will pay you reasonably and you'll be safe at your jobs
until they decide that they don't need you anymore or until the
cost of living goes up again, BUT YOUR PAY DOES NOT!

And you can always hang out and listen to your magical
guru on conference calls and stalk them on facebook to
get that "safe" and "secure" feeling that you're in a "home
business" and that some day that "Biz Op" will shower you
with a "walk away residual income" --- delusional.



I received $103,650 in one month.

It came inside of 28 days of merchant account deposits
from sales I made (about $29,000) and from leveraged
sales from my team (about $74,650)...

And I hadn't a clue who was all on my team because
it was growing so darn fast.

To think that an ex-Grunt Medic with no formal education
and barely getting by on a little job, would actually get
in a home business and post some ads online and have
people flow through a very intelligent marketing process
(that I did not have to create)...

... and that in only a matter of months, he could break
through and receive over $100 grand in cash sales...

That's pretty unrealistic and unreasonable.

But anyway that's how I help lots of people
make money online ...

At that time my wife didn't have a clue what the hell
I was trying to do on the computer and so she got
freaked  out when she got nosy and peeked
at our online banking site and saw a cool Hundred Grand
just sitting there for only one month's worth of work...

I was out to lunch when she did that, so when my phone
started blowing up with her "distress code" on it, I called
her up and she was all "freak show" and scared to death...

I can still remember the window shattering screach...

Like long nails carving down through a chalk board...

"What did you DO????"

"Where in the world is so much money coming from???"

"Did you kill someone???"

(here we go...)


It was so insane and authentic, it was hilarious.

She thought I was going to get scammed.

She was thinking "rationally." And she'd warned me
about those shady scams and how she thought they
never worked and people would just be getting ripped off...

Well, bless her cheap house slippers!

I had a chat with her, but completely ignored
her "rational" and "reasonable" FEAR, and
I marched on... to perfect the craft...

I was able to put better food on the table and
also get her prettier shoes, so she's back in
love with me now... haha. Funny how that works.


I had the biggest smile on my face, because I'm
thinking to myself, "How cool of an enterprise is this?" ...

It's like a secret society of people exchanging and
manifesting money left and right. Right under the nose
of "the reasonable!"

To me ...

It's the coolest thing to be doing and that's why I'm still
here after 10 years!

If you consider yourself to be a maniac like me, and you'd
like to be a part of this secret society and walk around in
public with pockets full of cash and a huge smile on your
face, then grab your dough and join my Money Making
System now!

The price of admission is not money.

It's guts, vision and the balls to be different.

Do you have them?

YES or NO?

If you do, click here.


Money Making... Made Simple.

Serious Only: 760-271-2810
itsfranco @ gmail. com

"What you give away, you'll always get to keep!"

"Love, Live, Laugh and Give!" - Quincy Jones

"My prosperity prospers 10,000 people...
Their prosperity prospers me."

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